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boobcrabuttstar's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Sep 2005|08:59am]

I MIss you ANDY
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boob crabs have fans!! [27 Jun 2004|03:53pm]

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If I were a boobcrab [28 Apr 2004|12:41am]

[ mood | lazy ]

I would move into mia tylers cleavage and never leave.

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fartknockbarfbags [27 Apr 2004|03:14pm]

Man everytime I see the term "boobcrabuttstar" I just start busting the fuck up. Like this chick here: what the hell happened? Must have been steriod boobstarbuttcrab injectionated.

jesus thats weird looking.
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OH NO!!! [06 Apr 2004|09:08pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Ok kids I need help. My butt stars were itching somethign fierce so I was scratching them and then later that day this happened
Only proceed if you have a strong stomach
oh my how could this happenCollapse )

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itchity itch [03 Apr 2004|08:38pm]

[ mood | itchy ]

my boob crabs are itching something fierce.
i think the lotion i used earlier has upset them.

i'm sorry little guys.
i didn't mean it!

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